From total beginners to experienced golfers, our teaching academy in Glasgow has a wide range of courses and informal classes to help improve your game.

With qualified PGA Instructors, Trackman Pro & SamPutt coaching studios, we offer lessons on an individual basis or in groups, enabling golfers to play to their full potential.

Our six-week beginners and improvers class are taught in small groups and are very popular at Great Western Golf. In addition we offer one-to-one tuition and informal group lessons for ladies and senior players – a great opportunity to socialise with other players.

Six-Week Introduction To Golf Course

If you are a complete beginner, have only played a little and want to start with the basics, our six-week Introduction to Golf course is perfect.

Our Adult Beginners Golf Course for adults includes:

  • Six weekly lessons, one hour long, learning golf with one of our PGA Qualified Instructors
  • A step-by-step guide to the basics of golf from the grip to the full swing, using a variety of clubs
  • Learning the basics of golf rules and etiquette, as well as the different techniques in completing a course
  • Free loan of 6 or 7 iron

Price = £30 per person
(plus the cost of range balls).

New dates coming soon!

At Great Western Golf, we believe that learning golf should be fun, enjoyable and not cost the earth. So, our beginners golf lessons cost £30 for the six weeks plus the cost of your range balls. Sign up here!

Golf Improvers Course

Take your golf to the next level with our golf improvers’ courses. If you know the basics and want to learn how overcome those awkward shots and master your wood and iron play this is the ideal course for you.

You’ll also understand more about course management and could also arrange a few extra rounds with fellow players.

Features of our Improvers Golf Course include:

  • Six weekly lessons, 60 minutes long, improving your game and technique with one of our PGA Qualified Instructors.
  • A maximum of 8 people in a group, ensuring that you gain the full benefit of learning in a small group.
  • The opportunity to meet other aspiring golfers and perhaps arrange a round of golf

Price = £60 per person
(plus the cost of range balls).

To book or for more information, please contact Great Western Golf Glasgow: 0141 944 4141

Ladies Classes

These informal teaching sessions are a great way of meeting new friends and mixing with golfers of all levels. There is no need to book for these sessions and we offer the choice of daytime or evening sessions to suit the most hectic calendars.

Our ladies golf classes offer the chance to socialise and meet players at all levels. These are informal sessions where you can improve your game and learn in a relaxed environment without having to commit to a series of lessons. We offer a choice of morning, afternoon or evening sessions and booking is recommended.

Ladies Coaching Mornings

  • Weekly sessions every Tuesday from 11am – 12noon
  • Instruction from one of our experienced golf professionals

Price = £8 per person, per session.
Plus the cost of range balls.

For more information contact Great Western Golf Glasgow:
0141 944 4141

Senior Coaching Mornings

Join our Senior Coaching mornings, improving your game and socialising with players at all levels. With a choice of two group lessons each week, these sessions include warm up and stretching exercises.

Our twice-weekly senior golf sessions provide relaxed instruction, including warm-up and stretching exercises, to get the most from your golf. This is also a great opportunity to socialise with players at all levels and maybe arrange a round of golf.

Features of our Senior Coaching Mornings include:

  • A choice of two weekly hour-long sessions
  • Instruction from one of our experienced professionals

Wednesdays and Fridays, 10am – 11am

Price = £8 per person, per session.
Plus the cost of range balls.

For more information contact Great Western Golf Glasgow:
0141 944 4141

Junior Golf

A great start in learning golf, with a wide range of choices for junior golf, from individual to group lessons for all ages and levels.

Give your children a head start in golf with our group lessons, taught by golf professionals experienced in teaching children. We’ll even lend your kids a 7-iron so there’s no need to splash out on equipment.

The six-week beginner course covers the basics of the game with an emphasis on fun and safety and is aimed at children aged 5 to 14 years.

Choose from a range of start dates! Sign up here!

Great Western Golf is dedicated to growing the game of golf and truly believes this starts with introducing as many children as possible into the game.

This pathway will allow them to progress into playing golf at club level, county level and onto national level. Ultimately, it is their choice how great a golfer they wish to become. All we aim to do is to provide the support and direction they need.

  • Group Beginner Classes
  • After School Clubs
  • Holiday Camps
  • Individual Lessons
  • Junior individual learning programmes


Junior Beginners Six Week Programme: £24 per person for the six weeks (plus the cost of range balls).

Junior Improvers Six Week Programme: £48 per person for the six weeks (plus the cost of range balls).

Personal Golf Tuition

Working one-to-one with your chosen instruction, personal golf tuition advances your golf skills and makes a positive improvement to your game. With a choice of tuition programmes or single lessons, you can also book our video coaching studio at the same time to really analyse your swing.

Improve your golf game

Private one-to-one golf tuition with our PGA Qualified Instructors can allow vast improvements to be made to your golf game. Whatever suits you, from a single golf lesson, to a package of six of both 30 and 60 minute increments, we are here to cater for your golfing needs.

Trackman Pro Technology

Coupling the expertise of our resident Golf Professionals with modern technology, and the inclusion of TrackMan technology, you can witness your game come on leaps and bounds before your very own eyes. TrackMan Pro Technology accurately measures many aspects of the golf swing, ball flight and pinpoints the exact yardage of any shot in the bag, from the 6 foot pitch shot, to the 350 yard drive, the benefits you can experience through TrackMan Pro are almost endless.

In addition to the real-time shot analysis provided by Trackman Pro, by the time you reach the car park, your lesson statistics and ball flight history are accessible through accessing MyTrackman whereby you can review your lesson experience from the comfort of your own home.

“Trackman is the greatest teaching tool ever” – Sean Foley, Coached Tiger Woods & Justin Rose, among many others.

It’s time to practice and learn like the Pros! Trackman Pro 3 is the NUMBER 1 choice of the PGA, R&A and Tour Players alike. Trackman Pro technology measures and displays full shot trajectory from the 6 foot pitches, to the 350 yard drive, pinpointing the landing position with accuracy.

Trackman Pro 3 is available for use during your golf lesson enhancing the productivity and overall lesson experience. Trackman Pro analyses all aspects of the club-head speed and direction, providing real time analysis on how small changes in these factors can affect the flight of the golf ball.

In addition to real-time analysis, by the time you get to the car park, your lessons statistics and ball flight history will be available for review online through MyTrackman and also through the MyTrackman App from the AppStore.

Make TrackMan Pro your practice partner for your next golf lesson at Great Western Golf for a small supplement of £10.

Please book online under the ‘Your Account’ section or contact Great Western Golf Glasgow on 0141 944 4141

Lesson Prices

60 Minute Lessons
Master Professional
Teaching Professional
Single Lesson
Single Lesson w/ TrackMan Pro
6 Lesson Package
(cost per lesson £45.83)
(cost per lesson £40.83)
6 Lesson Package w/ Trackman Pro
(cost per lesson £55.83)
(cost per lesson £50.83)
30 Minute Lessons
Master Professional
Teaching Professional
Single Lesson
Single Lesson w/ Trackman Pro
6 Lesson Package
(cost per lesson £30)
(cost per lesson £28.33)
6 Lesson Package w/ Trackman Pro
(cost per lesson £40)
                                                                       £230                                                               (cost per lesson £38.33)

Additional Services:

  • Trackman Pro Lesson Supplement – £10
  • Short Game Lesson Supplement – £5
  • Small group lessons – from £60 per hour

Lesson Bookings Terms and Conditions

  • Payment must be made at the time of booking (Please note that American Express is not accepted)
  • A minimum of 48 hours is required to cancel or re-reschedule your lesson. No cancellation/reschedule may be done online. Please call 0141 944 4141 during opening hours.
  • No refund can be given after the date of purchase.
  • Great Western Golf acts as an agent for the Golf Professionals, so your contract is with the Golf Professional and not Great Western Golf.
  • Lesson prices do not include the cost of golf balls and all short game lessons carry a £5 supplement unless a current Short Game member.
  • All lessons must be taken within 6 months of purchase.
  • Lesson cancellations made with more than 48 hours notice will be transferred to a future date. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notices or ‘no shows’ are fully chargeable.