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The First Tee Fitness Team offer a quality service that will ensure any amateur or professional golfer will be able to reach their full potential to play better and feel better, through developing physical fitness, and the qualities need to efficiently swing the golf club.

At First Tee Fitness we will evaluate your golf fitness, movement patterns, strength and power and then design an individual training program to correct any issues which affect your golf swing and further develop strength, power, mobility, stability and balance to enhance athletic ability and your golf performance. Helping you feel better and play better.

New Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Move and perform better on the golf course with our group strength and conditioning sessions for golf.

New Timetable

Check out the new timetable! Only £5 per individual class or £30 for unlimited classes over a month.

First Tee Fitness Timetable

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Scott Henry (European Tour Player)

“Throughout my golfing career, I have always trained hard and enjoyed it. Kenny of First Tee Fitness has trained me for a few years now and the best thing about his training is that he gets me to move efficiently as well as train me like an athlete. The strength and power I have gained since training is helping my driving distance with an average of over 300 yards on the European Tour. He has also helped me stay pain-free which is vital through a long playing season enabling me to practice as much as I need to and play in as many tournaments that I need to.”

Andrew McArthur (Challenge Tour and European Tour Player)

“Ali of First Tee Fitness has worked on keeping the right parts of my body stable while other parts can mobilise which is helping me produce an efficient golf swing. I am playing more consistently again and feel with training that my concentration is a lot better on the golf course. I see training with First Tee Fitness as a vital component of my routine to help get me back onto the European Tour.”

Michael Patterson (PGA Pro and Tartan Tour Player)

“I’ve been working with Kenny of First Tee Fitness over the last two years on my strength and conditioning. One of the best things about working with Kenny is that he pushes me hard to my absolute limit and gets the beat out of me. Together, we’ve improved my overall fitness and strength massively as well as my flexibility. This has undoubtedly allowed me to be able to perform to my absolute best on the golf course which for me is my ultimate goal.”

Colin Dalgleish (Scottish Amateur Champion and Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup Captain)

“Business commitments, extensive travel, and age all take their toll. Ali of FirstTee Fitness has provided me with mobility and stability programme that is helping me be more supple and ensuring I am consistent and getting maximum enjoyment out of my limited golfing outings.”

Feel better Play better

Product list

This evaluation includes a Titleist Performance Institute screen, Functional Movement Screen, Power Testing and Strength testing. This will give you all the information you need to know about your body in relation to the golf swing. This is a mandatory process before you can start using our gym facility. With this evaluation, you will receive an email of our findings and we will advise on exercises specific to your limitations.

1 on 1 First Tee Fitness session (60mins)

Our 1 on 1 training sessions will work on your individual limitations found in the evaluation and help increase your athletic performance in relation to the golf swing. By training 1 on 1 will help you achieve results faster and you are able to work specifically on movements you are working on in your golf swing, improving flexibility, balance, strength and power.

Group Strength and Conditioning session (2 to 4 people)

Our group Strength and Conditioning sessions will progress you through a periodised programme looking to improve athletic performance, flexibility, balance, strength and power. Training with other golfers will create a more fun and competitive environment.

Meet The Team

Kenneth McKenzie
Strength and Conditioning Coach (Director)

Kenny has worked within the golf industry for over 12 years and has specialties in golf fitness and performance for the last 10 years working with European Tour Players and amateurs alike. Providing Strength and Conditioning support to optimise performance and prevent injuries. Kenny previously worked at the Scottish Institute of Sport working as a Strength and Conditioning coach to Scotland upcoming athletes providing support to athletes of all ages and ability levels, from many different sports including golf, football, hockey, netball, rugby and many more.

Recently Kenny completed an MSc in Strength and Conditioning and BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science we’re his studies specialised in golf performance, where he conducted extensive research within this area further highlighting the importance of strength and conditioning in golf and the important role it plays.

Kenny currently works as strength and conditioning coach on the European Tour working with players during the tournament season. Kenny also develops and works with amateurs of all abilities and professional around Scotland. Kenny delivers seminars on golf fitness and performance, previously working alongside some of the world’s leading golf fitness specialists. Completing qualifications within the Titleist Performance Institute, Functional Movement Screening and United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association.

Fitness For Golf

Fitness for golf is a fairly new concept within the history of the game, as it was something that was not previously seen as a necessary component to be proficient within the game; the same cannot be said for the modern game with all of the world’s elite players now seen as athletes as-well as talented golfers and spend as much time in the gym as the practise range.

The golf swing is a very complex movement and places immense force on the body with modern science and the introduction of 3D analysis and custom fitting highlighting the athleticism required to swing the club.

Here comes the science part…

The golf swing is a very explosive moment with club-head speeds of over 120mph reached in under 0.2secs, placing forces on the lower spine of over 8 times body weight, with over 900kg of force being applied to the ball.

So think the golf swing is an athletic movement now?? During your round of golf or your practise session you complete many maximum effort swings. With the research showing that the repetitive nature of the golf swing and the forces applied to the body can result in injury, with the most common area being the lower back. Research highlights that strength and conditioning training and golf fitness training reduces the chances of injuries and improves golf performance..

So what can First Tee Fitness do for you and your golf game??

The golf swing is a very individual movement, but we all follow a similar movement pattern to execute a golf shot, i.e. the technique required to hit the ball. Even though we all attempt to produce the same process to hit the ball we all have individual physical limitations that can often lead to swing faults, with our body compensating in an attempt to achieve the desired outcome. By completing a First Tee Fitness evaluation we can highlight areas of weakness and limitation’s which affect the movement patterns required to swing the club. Correcting these limitation’s well help to free up the movements required to swing the club and will complement any technical work with your golf coach.

First Tee Fitness will develop a periodised training program which will be specific in correcting any physically limitations: developing mobility & stability, strength & speed (Power) with the aim to enhance athletic performance, reducing the risk of injury and improving golf performance.